New to Princeton CRC?


We're glad you're here. We want your visit to Princeton Church to be an enjoyable and inviting experience, and we will make sure that you receive a warm welcome. Visiting anywhere for the first time can be rather intimidating. We've provided information to help answer some questions you may have. Also, when you arrive you will find our Welcome Center staffed by our friendly high schoolers to answer any questions you may have.

Fun, Friendship, and Food

You are Invited For FUN, FRIENDSHIP, and FOOD

We will have a variety of children’s activities: stories, music, games, followed by a delicious meal!

All FREE— come join the fun!

The SECOND SUNDAY of October (10/12), November (11/9), and December (12/14) from 5:00 to 6:30 PM

Contact Us

5330 Kalamazoo Avenue

Kentwood, MI 49508

Ph: 616.455.0110

Fax: 616.455.0014


To see what's happening click on the following link to a Complete Calendar or look at this list of

Upcoming Events


Chin Christian Church of Grand Rapids

Join the Chin Christian Church of Grand Rapids Sundays, 1:00 PM at Princeton CRC building 5330 South Kalamazoo Ave.  Contact us for more information or go to the Chin Christian Church website.